What Is TomoOne?

TomoOne, an NFT-based digital pet game built on the gas-fee-less Saakuru Blockchain. Players can feed, play mini-games, etc and earn points and charms, which can translate to benefits and access in AAG ecosystem.

Why Integrate with TomoOne?

TomoOne is not just a digital pet game, but is also a general purpose gamification layer with digital pet as a theme. By integrating with TomoOne, you are providing more activities of benefits for TomoOne users to enjoy.

With the rapid growth of TomoOne, you will also be able to acquire users for your game or application as users are incentivized to participate in the daily activities.

How Does It Work?

Integrate with TomoOne API to reward players with points. Below are some examples:

  1. Give players 200 points for playing the game
  2. Give 500 points for completing a level

Please note that there is a maximum number of points per day that you can give to each user.

How to Get Started?

Fill out this form to receive API Key and 3 TomoOne NFTs on Testnet.https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdBgnfvAAUaF1mIFo6XUJxfiNrTRkzS2tarkEUL0iWWEB8IVQ/viewform


To access MetaOne API, add the API key to the HTTP header with key X-Api-Key.


  1. TomoOne Assets
  2. TomoOne API. Note that you should use https://hackathon.aag.venturesinstead for testnet.
  3. TomoOne NFT contract address
    1. Testnet: 0x8df3AE96E378E1470DD9Bdc388fE43E41Eb68cE0
    2. Mainnet: 0xCC5b622C58085A9Afb7e93c454a79AD3540478fE
  4. Saakuru's environment information
  5. TomoOne dApp
    1. Testnet: https://tomoone-frontend-dev.herokuapp.com/
    2. Mainnet: https://tomoone.com

Where Should I Go if I have A Question?

You can join this Telegram group where you can ask your questions.