How to Setup MetaOne® Connect with a Decentralized Application

With the current version of MetaOne® Connect, there are 3 supported features:

  • Installation of dApp(s) during user onboarding
  • Installation of token(s) during user onboarding
  • Webhook for further customization

These features are tied to the partner code that is assigned to your project and these features will be triggered automatically post account sign up.

Configure Tokens

One or more tokens can be installed in the list of assets in the wallet(s) so your users will see them even when the wallet is empty.

Pre-install tokens in user's wallet

Pre-install tokens in user's wallet

The following information are required for setup:

  • Blockchain network where token is deployed (e.g. Ethereum)
  • Token contract address

The simplest way to provide these is to give us the link to the page for the token on a block explorer.

Configure dApps

One or more dApps can be installed on the user's dApp Home screen. This is to ensure that users have easy access to your dApp(s), and also minimize the chances of users accidentally going to the wrong link.

The following information are required for setup:

  • Link to your dApp(s)
    • If your dApp is web-based, you can provide the link to the page.
    • If your dApp is a native app, provide us with the link to the page where users can download (e.g. your website).

Once received, our MetaOne® dApp Store content team will validate the information about your dApp and register it to the dApp Store. We may request for additional information or high quality media assets from you if they are not available on your website.

Pre-install dApps on user's dApp Home

Pre-install dApps on user's dApp Home

Configure Webhook

Webhook allows you to execute custom workflow once user's MetaOne® account has been setup. You need to provide us with a webhook URL and the POST call body will look like the following:

  "wallets": [
      "bip44": "60",
      "chainID": "1",
      "address": "0x473780deAF4a2Ac070BBbA936B0cdefe7F267dFa"
      "bip44": "0",
      "chainID": "BTC",
      "address": "3L8Ck6bm3sve1vJGKo6Ht2k167YkSKi8AZ"

Note that in the case where chainID is not applicable, symbol will be returned instead. For the list of BIP44, please refer to this page.

How to Submit the Information

We currently do not have a self-service portal for setup. Until it is available, please provide the information to your contact person at AAG. If you do not have a contact person, please contact us at [email protected].