Safely discover the amazing world of Web3

dApps and dApp Store

dApps refer to digital programs or applications which live and run on a blockchain or P2P (peer-to-peer) network of computers, rather than on one single computer. dApps represent a core part of the Web3 landscape, but previously have been inaccessible to some users due to concerns about their safety, security, and ease in discoverability.

With the MetaOne® dApp Store, each dApp is individually reviewed to filter out any that may be related to rug pulls, scams, gambling, and ponzi schemes. New dApps will be continually reviewed by the team, so the list of dApps in the MetaOne® dApp Store will continue to grow.

Beyond security, the MetaOne® dApp Store will also allow our community to easily discover what they can do in the decentralized world, helping them plug into the power of Web3. Specifically, consumers will have one place to find valuable content such as videos, news, and events for dApps so they can learn all about a particular dApp without having to search through endless amounts of information.

Listing Your dApps

Getting your dApps listed is relatively simple. You can use this form to submit the information for our team to review. Once received, our dApp Store team will review and collect information and media assets related to your dApps before making it available to our users.