How to Integrate MetaOne® with Decentralized Native Application

While the majority of dApps are currently implemented as a web application, there are some dApps that are native applications on mobile and/or game console. MetaOne® can connect to these applications as long as they have the support for WalletConnect.


MetaOne can be used as a signer while using native applications. The simplest way is to utilize the Web3Modal. For more information about WalletConnect, check out the information here.

Providing MetaOne® as The Only Wallet Option

To provide MetaOne® as the only wallet option to your users, you can use explorerAllowList parameter when initializing Web3Modal.

explorerAllowList: [

For more information, go to this page.

Example for Native Mobile App Integration

Please use this example provided by WalletConnect on how to integrate your native mobile application with MetaOne Wallet.