Customized Onboarding Made Simple


MetaOne® Connect is a workflow module enabling customization and streamlining the onboarding process.

Let’s take a look at the typical flow with a wallet like MetaMask when you want to onboard users and give them a NFT for access to your membership program. The typical flow would look like this:

  1. User downloads MetaMask and goes through the onboarding process including having to write down seed phrases on a piece of paper
  2. User purchases crypto to pay for gas fees (If the gateway in the country the user is in does not support fiat-on-ramp, the user is stuck at this step)
  3. User connects with dApp and mints an NFT

Results: User has a wallet containing an NFT and some left over coin for gas fees

Now let’s take a look at the flow with MetaOne® Connect:

  1. User scans a QR code with embedded partner code to download MetaOne® wallet and goes through the onboarding process

    That’s it!

Results: User has a wallet containing an NFT.

Giving your users an NFT, however, is not the only use case with MetaOne® Connect. Some examples of what is possible include:

  • Business decides to give users small amount of coin for gas fee, users will find the coin after finishing onboarding
  • Business decides to preinstall its dApps for users, users will find these pinned on their home screen
  • Business has their own tokens, these tokens will be visible by default in the wallet
  • Business decides that user needs to go through KYC, a KYC form is presented to user at the end of the onboarding process

We strongly believe in creating amazing user experiences, and therefore, there is no one size fits all when it comes to onboarding. With MetaOne® Connect, you can create a simple, frictionless flow to get your users where they should be, using your dApp.