SDK session, customization & activity management functions

  • initialize(): Initializes the MetaOne® SDK by setting up the app configuration. Provide SDKConfig map with configuration values.
  • setupUserData(): Sets up the user data by fetching the user profile and user state. This function ensures that the user profile and user state are available for use.
  • loginWithSSO(): Performs the login process by sending an authorization token.
    refreshSession(): Refreshes the user session to extend the session expiration time.
  • openWallet(): For new users opens Signature creation flow. If a Signature is created - opens Wallet activity.
    getSessionActivityStatus(): Retrieves the current session activity status, which can be one of the values defined in the SessionActivityStatus enum.
  • logout(): Logs out the user by clearing the session data, signing out the wallet service
  • getExpireAt(): Retrieves the expiration timestamp of the user session
  • refreshSession(): Allows refreshing active session
  • sendTransaction(): Allows to initiate a signing action for sending assets from user's wallet to provided wallet address.

SDK API management functions


  • getWallets(): Retrieves the user's wallets.
  • getWallet(): Retrieves a specific wallet based on the wallet ID. You need to provide the wallet ID.


  • getCurrencies(): Retrieves the user's currencies.
  • getCurrency(): Retrieves a specific currency based on the currency ID. You need to provide the currency ID.
  • getNFTs(): Retrieves the user's NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) based on the wallet ID and optional search parameters. You can provide the wallet ID, a search string, and optional limit and offset values.


  • getTransactions(): Retrieves the transactions for a specific wallet and optional parameters. You need to provide the wallet ID and can optionally provide the asset reference, bip44 value, token address, page number, and offset.
  • getTransaction(): Retrieves a specific transaction based on the wallet ID, chain ID, and bip44 value. You need to provide the wallet ID, chain ID, and bip44 value.

Address book:

  • getUserContacts(): Retrieves the user's contacts from the address book.
  • getUserContactWithId(): Retrieves a specific contact based on the contact ID. You need to provide the contact ID.
  • addUserContact(): Add a new user's contact. You will need to provide name and wallet address.
  • updateUserContact(): Update a specific user's contact. You will need to provide contact id and data you want to change.
  • deleteUserContactWithId(): Delete a specific user's contact. You will need to provide contact id.

SDK UI management functions

  • getColorsScheme(): Retrieves currently set colors scheme.
  • setColorsScheme(): Sets current SDK colors scheme with the one provided.
  • getCurrentLanguage(): Retrieves currently set language locale.
  • setCurrentLanguage(): Set current language locale with the one provided.