Saakuru is an L2 blockchain operated on top of Oasys (EVM-based). The motivation is to allow developers to unleash the power of blockchain without being handicapped by gas fees and create dApps with exceptional levels of on-chain activities.

No Gas Fees?

Users and developers do not have to care about gas fees. Saakuru utilizes a delegate model where the chain operator (i.e. AAG) absorbs the cost. By not having gas fees, there are less frictions during onboarding. dApps can let their new users perform activities without having to first ask them to spend money to purchase gas fees.

Is Saakuru Only For Games?

While Oasys may have been designed for gaming, Saakuru aims to solve the problem for all. Whether you are a game studio, a grocery store, or a financial institution, Saakuru can be the blockchain for you.


Saakuru is a permissioned chain and contract deployer wallet must be whitelisted to deploy a smart contract. The restriction is currently not imposed in testnet and you can deploy without being whitelisted first.