AAG, the operator of Saakuru Blockchain, will provide the following:

  • Technical support for integration
  • Marketing support through our network
  • Hosting of smart contracts and access to RPC nodes
  • Cover all gas fees for your users so they never have to worry about gas fees
  • Connections to market makers, PR firms, legal services, VCs, launchpads, 3rd party developers, etc, as needed
  • Support for alpha/beta testing and early adoption via AAG Guild with 2,000+ scholars and other guilds in our network
  • USD $10,000 Amazon AWS credits (valid for 2 years)


In exchange for the service, we are asking for the following in return:

One-time fee with the following options for payment:

  • $5,000 in USDC/USDT; or
  • $4,000 in AAG token; or
  • $10,000 in project token; or
  • Covered by the grant from Oasys Foundation if qualified

List MetaOne® wallet as an option for your users when applicable